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    Unknown security setting blocked Flash Player installation


      A while ago I requested help on the Adobe Flash Player Forum because I couldn't install it.


      Unfortunately I didn't receive a response.....I tried to install the latest version yesterday (a different one) - I encountered exactly the same problem as before.


      I decided to open the downloads folder, I right clicked on the Flash Player download and selected 'Properties'.


      I found this:


      "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer"


      I clicked on the "Unblock" option beside it and then successfully installed the latest Flash Player.


      Where can I find this security setting please so that I can alter it - I don't recall ever setting it up?


      XP SP3 / Firefox ESR 38.5.2 / Flash Player Version


      Security: Avast Antivirus and CryptoPrevent (set to Default, which I believe doesn't affect installations)


      No additional settings made on either.


      Any help would be much appreciated.