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    dvd installation vs cloud installation - lightroom 6

    henk g.

      One question (sorry for my bad english):

      Is it normal that a dvd installation is not identical to a cloud installation. Both are updated to 6.4

      Yesterday I installed LR 6.4 to my new iMac via dvd (download from website) and noticed that's not the same to the installation from cloud on my MacBook -

      e.g. menus are different, main window of LR looks different (in full screen mode respectively after starting LR the bar of my window is invisible and cannot be shown - not really the full screen mode).


      After uninstalling LR on the iMac and installing it via cloud everything is the same according to LR on my MacBook (same structure of menus , same behavior of windows ...)


      Does anybody have the same experience?


      Thanks a lot.