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    View/Hide Pages in Output

    heatherl44811473 Level 1

      I need to add a front cover page and a back cover page to an existing document in Livecycle.  I need to hide these pages if a value in my xml is set to false.  Is there a way to hide an entire page?

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          MinusZero Level 3

          Simple. Firstly, use the Add Action selection in the context menu...it is your friend if you get stuck.


          This example is on a checkbox change event.


          if (this.rawValue == "1") {

            this.resolveNode("#subform[2]").presence = "hidden";



          //my page 2 is called #subform[2]

          //if you need to show it again, make the rawValue of the check box 0 and presence to visible. When you uncheck, it becomes visible again