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    Adobe Flash 20 MSI & Updates




      I would like to take advantage of Adobe Flash's option to silently install updates.

      I have searched and found way to disable the auto update, but I am unable to determine the correct value to put in the .MSI to enable the silent updates (Allow adobe to install updates) recommended.

      Overall, with all of the updates and the fact we have remote user's, it is best to allow flash to update on it's own as long as it does not nag for the end user to make any choices.

      I normally use Orca to edit the .msi.

      Any help would be great. Thanks



      Win vista/7

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          There isn't an option in the MSI to enroll in silent updates.  The recommended guidance is to deploy Flash Player and then immediately after deploy the mms.cfg file configured to enroll in silent updates by setting AutoUpdateDisable=0 and SilentAutoUpdateEnable=1.