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    Search returns file not in project

    CeeEllBee Level 1
      RH 7 with RSC
      I removed an obsolete topic (named Trivia) from my TOC and removed all index references to the topic as well as links to the topic from the project. (The topic remains in the project.)
      Then I re-generated WebHelp, using the revised TOC. As expected, the topic does not appear in the WebHelp TOC. However, if I search for the word "trivia" (which appears in no other topics), it locates the topic I removed from the TOC and allows me to open it. Waa.
      I don't get it. Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious? How can I ensure that the topic is no longer accessible from the project?
      Thanks and happy holidays!
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          MergeThis Level 4
          You must physically remove the topic file from the folder in which you are generating your output (in Windows Explorer).

          All that you've done within the project, while all required, unfortunately does not affect the output. Actually, we like to completely empty our output folders (merged WebHelp, 7 writers, 42 projects) from time to time, and then generate fresh.

          Good luck,
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            CeeEllBee Level 1
            Do you mean remove it after I generate?
            After I posted my message, it occurred to me I should empty my SSL folder. So I emptied the folder, regenerated, and still get the same result.
            Thanks for your help.
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi there

              What Leon means is that the topic cannot exist in its current state in the project if you do not wish to see it in search. It must be deleted from the project.

              If you wish to keep it in the project yet hide it from search, you may accomplish that too if you like. What you would do is to use Windows Explorer to rename the topic from using the .htm extension to use the .Xhtm extension. Of course when you do this, RoboHelp will flag it as being missing in action. That's fine. You would then delete the topic reference from RoboHelp. Then you would add the new .Xhtm topic to the list of Baggage Files. That way it would still be part of the project, but would not be found if the user searched.

              Cheers... Rick
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                CeeEllBee Level 1
                Thanks for the information. Because I am working under the unwieldy constrains of RSC, I may just have to grin and bear the search results issue. Here's hoping that no one types 'that word."
                Again, thansk to all and to all a happy new year.
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                  MergeThis Level 4
                  Ah...source control!

                  The file must then be removed from within RSC, as well; otherwise, RSC will continue to "helpfully" add it back to your local machine along with all the other files when you Check Out the project.

                  Good luck,