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    D7100 , El-Capitan 10.11.3, Lightroom tether

    AnthonyCHeadshots Level 1

      Anyone know whether the issue relating to tethering your D7100 on the latest version of El-Cap with lightroom has been sorted? I tethered with not problem when using Mavericks but two weeks ago when doing it in El-Cap, if completely buggered up my camera and I had to send it to Nikon. It completely froze the camera, got stuck in tethered mode and ended up stuck in formatting. Complete firmware f-up and rendered the camera unusable. I am still to see whether I am getting a bill or not as after a good bit of googling I found out Nikons software was not compatible with latest OS X version. Some SDK issue.


      More so I also read just now that the latest version of LR CC tethers with the D7200 without any issue. However, I am not looking to try tether again when I get the camera back only to have to send it back again.


      Anyone the can confirm tethering with LR on 10.11.3 using a D7100?