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    GTX 960 or 970 with AMD FX 8150?


      Hello Folks

      My Current system specs:

      AMD FX 8150

      Gigabyte 990XA UD3, 16gb 1333mhz RAM

      160 gb Intel SSD, 2TB WD Black

      Nvidia GTX 550ti


      I'm planning to upgrade the graphic card for this system, the current 550ti has been a very reliable companion to me for the last few years but it stutters now. So I need advice from you guys regarding the upgrade; I mean with my CPU will there be a noticeable performance difference between 960 and 970 (both 4gb variants)? My workflow includes Premiere Pro, After Effects and Davinci Resolve with 1080p and 4K footage.

      Response with real world data would be appreciated.



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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          you can take a look at your cpu usage and gpu usage when you see stutter to help identify the problem. there is also a chance a slow hdd or slow memory speeds could also affect the playback.


          the gtx 970 is a good option over the gtx 960, as the performance scales with the price. its not like the gtx 980 which should be priced around $400 ish. if you are doing 4k in resolve the gtx 970 probably wont be enough. the gtx 980 TI 6gb would be the next card up worth looking at. depending on the media and what you are doing with it in resolve, there is still a chance your computer and a single gtx 980 ti may not be enough for 4k either.

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            ritwiksondhi Level 1

            Hey, thanks for the reply.

            I monitored the gpu usage as mentioned by you and it's definitely struggling. This machine at this state works perfect with HD footage(simple edits) and 4K proress is manageable, it's the complicated timeliness that take a troll. Alot of GPU accelerated effects are not that smooth as they should be. So, basically we're planning to assemble a new machine with a core I7 & GTX TItan X in the coming months but I want to keep my current machine too because it works very fine for the money invested and I would love to use it as long as it lives, got sentiments attached too.


            I have a Rs.30,000 or 400 USD budget to invest on this AMD machine so as to make it a better performer, my analysis says that weakest link is the graphic card and RAM, Hard drive is not much of a bother cuz I use Lacie/Drobo with Esata and USB 3.0 (for the time they're fine) and the OS SSD is quite healthy. So, I need your expert opinion on the choice of graphic card in this situation. Do I actually need to invest $400 in GTX 970, or the 960 will do the job as I believe my CPU will be a bottleneck.


            Please note: I'm not sure about the international market but in India there's a apprx $125 difference between GTX 960 and 970 OC.

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              both cards should be several times faster than the gtx 550 ti. the gtx 970 is maybe 40-50%+ faster than the gtx 960. the gtx 960 would be good for adobe software, except speedgrade. davinci resolve depends more on the gpu, and should do better with the gtx 970. the more color adjustments you make in resolve, the more the gpu will be used and replace the cpu as the bottleneck. if you don't make many adjustments or use any effects like NR or sharpen etc, then there is a small chance the gtx 960 4gb just might be enough.

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                ritwiksondhi Level 1

                Thanks alot mate for helping me clear my head. Going for GTX 970.