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    Advanced Keywording issue Lightroom

    ANDR_ew Level 1

      Hi all!

      Please, help me to solve the Advanced Keywording task.


      I want to assign multiple 2-level keywords to images. For example, for a photo I want to be able to assign:

      1) [Category] Gender -> [keywords]: male, female

      2) [Category] Location -> [keywords]: Studio,Street, Building, Nature

      3) [Category] Position-> [keywords]: Standing, Sitting, Laying

      4) [Category] Wear -> [keywords]: Jeans, Shirts, Stockings, Panties, Dress, Blouse, Skirt, Shirt, Suite, ...  etc.


      So I want to see an interface with:

      a) an image itself;

      b) all predefined categories (Gender, Location, Position, Wear etc);

      c) predefined keywords grouped by Categories

      and select keywords in each category (click on it).


      Is it possible to make via Lightroom?


      If it is not, what software can help me in that case?