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    Tutorial on Getting Started with Lightroom Mobile and Web

    Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

      I have just posted a video tutorial on working with Lightroom mobile and web that may be of interest to some of you - whether you have a Creative Cloud subscription and are wondering how to get started, or you don't have a subscription and are wondering what you are missing out on.


      In the Lightroom mobile portion of the tutorial I show you how to easily sync (download) photos from Lightroom on your desktop to your mobile devices, how to work on your photos on your mobile devices and have that work show up back in Lightroom on your desktop (and vice versa), how to sync your mobile device camera roll photos up to Lightroom on your desktop, and how to change where these photos are stored. In the Lightroom web portion I show you how to share collections of photos with clients and friends by giving them a web page URL, how they can like and comment on your photos, and how you can manage those comments using Lightroom. Finally, I show how you can import and edit photos using Lightroom in a web browser, for when you don’t have access to your own computer with your Lightroom software.