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    Adobe Stock Images malware banner ads


      Adobe Stock Images now has banner ads on dictionary and other search sites that amount to a type of malware.


      The ads hijack your cursor from the site's normal search mask and put it into a mask for searching Adobe Stock Images, which 99% of the people visiting the sites probably do not want to do.


      This means that every time this ad shows up, you have to grab your mouse and move the cursor to the right place, so that you can do the search you intended to do, instead of typing your search term right in, the way you normally would.


      For people like translators and others who have to do dozens of dictionary searches a day, these Adobe malware ads are an infuriating nuisance.  It's as if they have an office where people are employed full time to figure out ways to make the public hate Adobe.


      I hope Adobe stops using those banner ads very, very soon.  Will they?