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    "ExtendScript Toolkit: assertion failed" Error

    Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

      I am using a InDesign CC 2014 on a Mac, running 10.10.5. For scripting, I am using ESTK CC version (which according to my CC app, is the latest version).


      In my Mac OS X console, I find the following error message, repeated 9 times every two seconds:


      2/11/16 7:19:59.662 PM ExtendScript Toolkit[20480]: assertion failed: 14F1605: libxpc.dylib + 33745 [D765980C-9448-3637-AE66-360C7DC2DCEB]: 0x13


      Is there anything I can do to stop these messages (I mean, besides quitting the application )?

      This does not happen every time I use ESTK, but I've seen it on several occasions in the past.