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    Multiple AIR runtimes

      Hello all,

      Being new to the AIR forums, I apologize if this question has been answered before. I did a quick search, but I couldn't find an answer. Here's my question:

      Is it possible to have multiple AIR runtimes installed on a machine and have them running at the same time. I want to avoid two situations:

      1. I install an AIR application which requires a user to update their AIR runtime. Suddenly, all the user's previous AIR applications which worked fine with the 1.1 version of AIR stop working because my application requires the 1.5 version of AIR.

      2. If I have an AIR application installed on a user's machine and they download a newer version of the AIR runtime, will me application stop working because it is developed to run with an older version of AIR.

      From the application descriptor file I've seen in a few examples, it looks like you can specify the AIR runtime which this application requires to run. Just curious if I can run two applications at the same time which require different versions of the AIR runtime.

      Thanks in advance

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          tzeng Adobe Employee
          You cann't have two versions of AIR Runtime installed.

          You can run an AIR app. that requires AIR v1.0 and an AIR app. that requires AIR v1.5 at the same time if you have AIR v1.5 installed.
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            seaneyefi Level 1
            Thanks tzeng,

            Just downloaded the AIR SDK and it looks like you guys do a nice job on versioning. cd'ing into the runtimes/air/mac/Adobe AIR.framework/Versions directory, I see:

            seanosheas-macbook-pro:Versions seanoshea$ ls
            1.0 Current

            I'm assuming the 1.0 version of the runtime is available in the "1.0" directory. And the 1.5 version of the runtime is available in the "Current" directory. Where is the 1.1 version of the runtime?

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              tzeng Adobe Employee
              There is no 1.1 dir. When you install 1.1, AIR removes 1.0 first.
              1.1 then will be installed in 1.0 dir.