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    Creating PDF of Reader Spreads From InDesign

    CyberAmazon54 Level 1

      I need to create a PDF file of reader spreads from an InDesign book (comprised of individual chapters) that is "set" in the file. That is, I do not want to use the View >  Page Display > Two Page View to achieve this view. Doing that is not "setting" the PDF file that I am creating so that the intended recipient actually SEES reader spreads on their end. They open the file and everything has reverted back to a single-page view. (My client does not want to see the beginning and ending page in a book appearing as a single page in the PDF file. What is wanted is a view in which the first page and last page appear to be side-by-side with a blank page. Geez. Clients! Right?)


      For years, I did this by creating a 1-up PDF file, adding blank pages before the first and after the last pages in the file, then printing to PDF file again using reader spread settings. I can still do that, but the second PDF file is no longer searchable when pulling this routine in the CC-2015 version of InDesign. The file needs to be searchable, and it needs to open as reader spreads with no worries of the pages ever appearing as single pages.


      I thought I had the brilliant idea of adding blank pages to the chapter in my book of the introductory pages (title page, copyright page, table of contents, etc) and a blank page to end of my index file, but I can see no way of controlling the page numbering in that intro file. I need the page numbering to only begin on the title page, but there is not an option for setting a page number to "0" in that file. It must begin with "1".


      Does anybody else do something like this, and how do you get 'er done? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanx Adobe Community!