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    computer reboots while rendering

    ExBlue Level 1

      I'm having an awful time rendering with Premiere Elements.  The machine crashes and reboots after random times in the rendering process.  I can only find an error showing the machine did not shut down properly and rebooted.  No other error codes are showing up (that I know how to find)
      I have an amd windows 10 machine all up-to-date

      amd 8 cor processor with 32gig of Ram

      almost a terabyte of space left on my C drive although I have two other harddrives on this machine

      a Radeon R9 380 (AMD) graphics card with 4gig of ram. 16.1 (drivers, issued Feb 2016)

      running a two screen display off the card.
      I have a radial cooled heatsink on the processor and it now runs at its hottest 100(f)


      This is a random but persistent issue.  I am almost to the point of dumping the program.

      I need this to be stabilised so I can render my work!

      Any help would be appreciated.