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    RAID Controller Compatibilty


      Hi I just bought a new system and plan to use a RAID controller to setup a RAID array.


      The controller that is available is "Intel RS25DB080". I have never done this before so for starters I wanted to ask how do I check if this is compatible with my x99 Deluxe motherboard?


      (it was not listed on the page which mentions compatible products : Intel® RAID Controller RS25DB080 Specifications)


      Secondly would it be possible to setup multiple RAID arrays using a single controller? i.e. if I want to make one array consisting of 3 drives and another of 3 more do i have to buy an additional card?


      Also if this controller isnt compatible what other controller shall i buy? And what exactly do i have to look for in a RAID controller if I am looking for one? (Currently i just check to see if it is a SATA or SAS controller)


      So basically don't know much about setting up RAID need your help, thanks!

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Follow cc_merchants link above for Harms article.


          Are you considering RAID for performance or for redundancy?


          With your x99 board ( I hope you are getting the U3.1) with its M.2 socket you do not need a RAID controller for performance.

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            that card appears to be a rebranded LSI MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i 6Gb/s. if you didn't get good instructions with the card, and you cant find any on intels website, you can look at this manual Search Results. the manuals should give you clear instructions for creating the raids. you can also look up reviews for the lsi card on newegg and other websites. some of the newegg reviewers report that card working on regular desktop grade motherboards, so you may be fine there. the manual also lists raid 50, so you should be able to make your two sets of raid configs.


            some important tips:

            make sure your computer is using a good UPS to protect the raid.

            if you plan on being away from the computer for longer than the ups will run, get one that will signal the computer to turn off.

            if you are using hdd's, make sure they are enterprise grade.

            if you don't already have or know, there are sas fanout/breakout cables that will split one sff-8087 connection to 4 sata connections. so you can connect up to 8 drives.

            most of those raid cards are designed for servers with tons of air flow. you will want a 120-140mm 100cfm+ fan near that card, pointed at it, to prevent it from failing and/or corrupting the raid. pick a quality fan and something with fluid or ball bearings as they will last longer and can be angled without lowering their lifespan, unlike sleeve bearings.

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              mmafk Level 1

              Thanks for the link cc_merchant, I went through this page a while back and based on that I decided to use the option for RAID.


              The problem right now is how do I check whether a certain RAID controller is compatible with the x99 deluxe motherboard?

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                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                Generally if you are are serious about RAID for video editing the only real solution is Areca because you will need RAID 3 or Raid 6.  There are quite a number of different X99 systems with Areca RAID cards installed   I own a ARC-1883i that works great in my x99 motherboard, I have it configured with 7 each Samsung 840 Pro drives in RAID 3   I probably will be getting rid of it as I can get close to the same results with a single M.2 SSD.  In my old age I have gone basic/simple rather than exotic.