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    REFUND PLEASE - No "menulauncher.dll" in Presenter 11 program files. Cannot use with PowerPoint.


      I purchased Presenter 11 to use with PowerPoint; however, there is no ribbon, no add-in option, and no menulauncher.dll file under the presenter program files. It does not seem like this product was tested thoroughly before being put on the market. None of the troubleshooting solutions I've come across work, as my copy of the software does not include the dll file I keep reading about. It seems like too much trouble for a product that is being offered for money. I even tried the free trial, but made the full-version purchase hoping I would finally be able to use it with PowerPoint, but nope - same problem. I would like to know how I can get a refund for this one. I have not even found anywhere where the dll file or add-in can be downloaded for purchased copies of this software. Very disappointed. And does this product only work with webcam videos? Many thanks.