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    Did Adobe & Google really use this TERRORIST tactic to conspire to get me to use Google Chrome?

    andrea p15832928

      Adobe Flash Player one day mysteriously just STOPPED working while I was on the Facebook page, which I accessed through Internet Explorer, my browser of choice since the beginning of time. Even though Flash Player was enabled, and I re-downloaded it just to make sure, it stopped playing videos. It was not until I check-marked the boxes in the Flash download indicating that I agreed to also download Google Chrome, that Flash Player magically started to work, but ONLY if I accessed Facebook through Chrome.  This is manipulative ******** that takes away my freedom of choice, because now, if I want to be able to view the vast majority of videos posted by my friends on Facebook, I have to log in via NOT MY FAVORITE web browser. A stupid, mean, sneaky tactic that inconvenienced me for days until I figured it out, and instantly made me angry, and strongly dislike both Google and Adobe - even though I've been a loyal customer of both for years.