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    Is Lightroom 6 available as standalone desktop only version in SEA ?


      I want to buy Lightroom 6 now that my 30 day trial has expired.


      But I don't want to rent it through the CC monthly fee license.  I want to buy the standalone desktop only version.  


      This is available in the US and through resellers such as Amazon for USD149.  But I cannot find any option in the SEA store to buy it.


      I have followed threads on this site which claim to give details of where to go for the standalone version, but the links they refer to for purchase either don't exist anymore or don't work.  I have called Adobe in Singapore - but they can't or won't answer the question.


      So - Adobe.  Can you tell me straight.  Can I buy this product (available in America) in SEA - yes or no ?  If yes - how.