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    Missing CS6 Insert HTML5 Etc...

    Timber%% Level 1


      I am looking over learning videos on how to 'insert HTML5 mp4 videos' into the page.

      I started with creating a media div tag.

      In this small effort to learn how to insert Mp4 I did this with code to see what would happen:


      <div id="content">
      <div id="main video">
      <video width="480" height="272" controls> 

      <source src="../../media/mp4/carl-ernst.mp4" type="video/mp4"/>



      The videos I looked at were for Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 however what I could do as instructed in the videos did no happen in CS6.


      If I started with <source - the SRC was unavailable. I had to type in in manually. Then I learned I could use the Insert feature. And HTML5 Video was not listed.


      Look over the two attachments.


      What I am attempting to do on each designated page I will have one Mp4 video - and under the video will be a support article.

      Following a few instructional videos I get the impression using the Insert HTML5 Video would be ideal in my web page effort.

      Let me know how to compensate for the missing essential components that I cannot locate in CS6.




      In the above in my CS6 there is no HTML5 Video


      In my CS6 there is no SRC thus manually typing in the text...