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    moving chest ankerpoint in puppet


      Hey u guys I am would never be able to animate if i havent used adobe character animator .... here u can check my result https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs1hP_O_vOg As you can see I replaced the puppet with my own png ... if I add a behavoir breath to the character, the ankerpoint is very low ....somehow i cant move the chest point up.... do you have a lead how to solve the problem?  thank u for your time! your fab

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Nice, thanks for sharing!


          You can move the chest handle by going to the puppet panel within Character Animator and selecting different layers on the left until you see the word "chest" with a yellow circle (usually in the top level puppet or body group). This is what we call a handle. You can just click and drag that to the desired location. Hope that helps!

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            Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

            Note that if the handle originated by creating a guide in the artwork file, you can't currently move it in the Puppet panel -- you'll have to change its location in the artwork file. However, if you created the handle (named "chest") in the Puppet panel, then you can move it as needed.