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    Opening INDD file that contains uninstalled fonts crashes InDesign

    bilglas Level 1

      I'm using the most current version of InDesign and the most current version of Windows 10. I have hundreds of InDesign files I've created over the last several years, and my work requires that I reopen them, fairly often. When I got my new Windows 10 system, I didn't initially install ALL the fonts I'd ever use, figuring that I'd install on an as-needed basis.

      This is happening: I'll open a file I'd created previously that contains one or more fonts that are not currently installed. InDesign crashes, just as the "missing fonts" dialog box begins to open. The box/window appears, but it's solid white, and that's as far as it gets. InDesign freezes, and the only way out is to End Task from Task Manager. Opening InDesign up again is fruitless ... it tries to open the file I'd just TRIED opening, and it fails again. Only way to resolve it is to reboot the computer. BUT!! Once rebooted, the problem is gone. So, I'm willing to believe that it has has much to do with Windows as it does with InDesign.

      It is NOT unique to just a certain file or two ... it's happened with multiple files. It isn't unique to any particular font(s) ... just whatever isn't already installed.

      Is this happening to anybody else? I feel so alone...