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    Keyboard triggers hide other layers




      When I set the keyboard triggers for different hand positions of the character, each of the triggers hide the other side of the body, for ex. when I press the button for different left arm position, I can see it changed though the whole other part of the body disappears (both legs, tools, other arm and torso image). Is there any workaround for this? Greatly appreciated. Character: Adobe Creative Cloud, Project: Adobe Creative Cloud.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          I answered in the other thread, but:


          Anything that is in the same level/group in a file is called a sibling. So if you have files at the same level and use the exclamation mark in PS/AI (w!), or the "hide siblings" checkbox in the properties in character animator, that's what is happening. If you don't want stuff to disappear, move it out of the group. A lot of people will make a "Right Arm" group, for example, and put all their right arm poses in there. This got explained a little bit in the last live show, about 36 minutes in: https://youtu.be/H4J9tKuibVk?t=36m16s