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    I need help moving my very large library in Aperture into Lightroom.

    Angelik10 Level 1

      I have read to help files, tutorials for the plug in extras,  etc.

      Using the plugin  for Aperture to LR imports, I was not able to import my library (35000+) files, divided by year (2003-2015) in one fell swoop, and even dividing the library into two, exporting new libraries in Aperture and then importing into Lightroom did not work.

      After some finagling,  I resorted to create new libraries year by year, exporting each year as its own Aperture library, then in LR import year by year successively ...that seems to have moderate success.

           it works except for when it does not work ;-)---- there are times when using the plugin simply will not work--- and after i specify the name of the new Aperture library to import, lets say Aperture2011.apilibrary, and LR analyses it, I make the selection "import",  I instantly receive a note:

                     Failed to obtain image version information from Aperture Library.

      My fix is then to delete the 2011Aperture library, start up from scratch again, exportin just a handful of folders from the 2011 library in Aperture to create a new library, then go back to LR and try importing that new library....

      It is not only very time consuming, but also takes up giant giga bite data on my hard drive...

      I have a 3T hard drive and a super fast processor and all the memory I could get for my I Mac, but it is still laborious and time consuming.

      Does anyone have an idea or expertise how to accomplish this task faster, now that i am about half way done after---- 3 weeks of fiddling...?

      Does anyone know how to work around the :failed to obtain image version info from Aperture? or something I must do in Aperture or in LR to circumvent this?


      Grateful for any helpful tip and insight offered!

      Angelique 2013 IMAC , 3T hard drive, LR 5.7