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    P2P with H.264

      It was great tool about rtmfp. This is my searching. And i guess this default video encode is Sorensen.
      So how can i use H.264 on it ?

      Thank you
      ono keiji
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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee
          the only video codec currently available for RTMFP P2P communication is Sorenson. the only audio codecs currently available for RTMFP P2P are Nelly-Moser and Speex.


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            onoke Level 1
            Thank you for your reply Michael. If we can set some encode, it will be so great and strong base architecture. But this project has just started as i know. I am looking for to be. It was good for me if this is OSS.

            ono keiji
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              I am also curious about it. Do you have any plan to support H264 encoding?
              About Sorenson, is it Sorenson Spark (H263)?

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                onoke Level 1
                Yes, it mean Sorenson spark.
                And i would like to implement H.264 to use when i would build my video chat application with this architecture, because one to one video chat will be use on full screen with Hight vision. But i have no idea to do it right now. Also the activity of Stratus dose not open, i guess it like a stun server. If so, i was appreciate i could use it instead of Stratus. Anyway, there are few information about Stratus and rtmfp. Give more info. :)

                ono keiji
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                  Sean S Murphy Level 1

                  With flash 10.1 around the corner and all it's hype of hardware accelerated h.264 video, is h.264 going to make it to our p2p apps. I've been noticing a trend to hd communications, and it'd be nice to have this great codec fully supported. It also seems like it'd be nice for multicast and the new groups, because of the great compression.



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                    CyberProdigy Level 1

                    Because things have been changed, is there any update on - what video compression and audio compression algorithm is used now on RTMFP P2P video communication? Is it still the h.263 or we finnaly have something decent to work with like VP6 or VP8, or h264?

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                      Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

                      Flash Media Server can publish an H.264, VP6, or Sorenson stream to a P2P group and/or IP multicast.  you can encode a stream with Flash Media Live Encoder (or any other encoder that produces those formats), publish to FMS, and have FMS publish to P2P and/or IP multicast.


                      at this time, Flash Player can only decode VP6 and H.264. 1:1 P2P communications can only use Sorenson for video and Speex or Nellymoser for audio because Flash Player has encoders only for those formats.