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    "New Hyperlink" in a Table


      I am trying to create a "New Hyperlink" to text in a table to go to an anchor I have already created elsewhere on the document.  I can create an anchor link through "New Hyperlink Destination", I just cant create a "New Hyperlink" within a table to go to that anchor, "New Hyperlink" is grayed out, is there a way to make it work?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's a bit confusing when you're doing it the first time. Assuming that you've selected the text within the table cell as a Text Anchor by choosing New Hyperlink Destination, you no longer have to have it selected. And the destination does not appear listed in the Hyperlinks panel. But it's there (hidden).


          Instead, select the object, usually a text frame that will become the Hyperlink (hot spot) to click that takes you to the destination. Shown below, the text in the table is the destination, but I had the frame above selected, then you'll see the New Hyperlink option available. In the dialog that appears, you select Text Anchor as the type and (if more than one) choose which one.


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            pixelsblur Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time to respond @steve, I don't think you understood what my issue was.  I can create a "New Hyperlink Destination", the problem was not being able to link the destination to text in a table... but, it's weird cause after messing around, I found that replacing the text within the table where I wanted to create the hyperlink allowed me to create the hyperlink, only thing is that I have to do that for 142 rows... I remember about a year ago I used to use an option where you would be able to allow text to be editable in a table (free'd from style sheets from a word doc import) but I cant remember how to do it, I think being able to do that may allow me to create links to the rest easily.