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    Problems with Animate CC when my display settings are set to Medium (125%).


      Hi!  I'm having some weird issues with the trial version of Animate CC. There's an option in Windows 8.1 called "change the size of all items" that increases the size of text, desktop icons and the taskbar. It's not suppose to affect your programs. I normally have it set to Medium (125%) because of the large distance between me and the screen, however, this setting seems to be the cause of all sorts of problems in Animate CC that renders the software completely unusable. The reason I think so is because it works just fine when set to Small (100%). I made a video that shows some of the problems:


      1) The UI is enlarged and some of the tools/options are inaccessible because of it.

      2) Anything you draw/add to the stage will move/jump.

      3) Lots and lots of graphical glitches.

      Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8BFCEOwbsI


      This has never been an issue with my other Adobe products: Flash and Photoshop CS5. They display and function correctly regardless of this setting, as you can see by the screenshots at the end of the video. But, is it me? Is it Animate CC? Could it really be the setting that's causing this? Is there any way to fix it? Please help!