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    FlexUnit within Gumbo

      I'm using the Gumbo MAX Preview and have FlexUnit 0.9 'installed'.

      When running the 'Execute unit tests' from the menu for a selected project, gumbo auto generates a mxml file to run the selected tests.

      This file refers to an undefined class:
      <flexunit:FlexUnitTestRunnerUI id="testRunner"/>


      and the tests obviously don't run.

      I tried to use the older SDK for my project (3.2) but still get a reference to flexunit:FlexUnitTestRunnerUI.

      Seems to me one of two things need to happen -
      I get a new version of flexunit with this class defined (I couldn't find a version later than 0.9)
      I get the auto gened code to stop refering to flexunit:FlexUnitTestRunnerUI and refer to flexunit:TestRunnerBase instead.

      Any idea how I could get this integration working again?



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          Ram Krishnaiyer (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          I think you would need SDK 4 for flex unit to work in the MAX build. There would be an updated version that supports SDK 3.4

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            Ram Krishnaiyer (Adobe) Adobe Employee


            You may want to try the latest FB4 beta on labs.adobe.com which should have support for SDK 3.x for Flex unit.


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              Flex Unit is still buggy with the code generation though just a heads up.

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                Can you give more details on the issue.


                1. Have your created a test case class in your project uisng FB ?

                2. When you tried executeFlexUnitTests what all were seen and selected in the wizard?

                3. Can you use the save option on this wizard and get the mxml for this configuration and post the same?

                4. Please try the context menu - execute flexunit tests and give the behavior.


                I feel that there are not test cases getting selected. There is no known issue regarding the code generation in the beta release for FlexUnit.

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                  RaniKumar Level 2



                  To use the Execute FlexUnit tests , we need some libraries in addition to the standard FlexUnit library.  This is FlexBuilder specific library which will run your confgured test and show the results in FB.

                  You can get this as a part of your project by creating a TestCase or TestSuite class to your project. (Currently this is the time where we link in the requried libraries, in future we will link in the libraries when user tries to run also).


                  Or if you want to get the library without adding the above metioned classes, you can find it under.

                  <Installation locaiton  of FB >\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.flexunit_4.0.0.xxxxx\flexunitframework\libs

                  Please pick up the library corresponding to your sdk version.




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                    mlabriola Level 4

                    Using the latest on a Flex 3.4 project, I choose execute unit tests and the corresponding FlexUnitApplication.mxml that is generated tries to use the fx:Script, altough that namespace is not configured.


                    New project, right clicked on a test and said execute flexunit tests.



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                      RaniKumar Level 2



                      It does not happen with the latest builds available on perforce.  May be it would not have been working fine for I13 as we were in the middle of feature devlelopment.(Sorry for the inconvenience).


                      Currently it works based on the namespece defined and the applicaiton files will recreated as per the sdk, if the user changes the sdk version upon pressing the refresh button.  (we are thinking of making this without the necessity of using the refresh also).




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                        Balaji Sridhar Level 2



                        Thanks for your feedback.


                        But we do not have any issue in running 3.4 flexunit tests in BETA(235740) or I13(239344) builds.


                        Kindly let us know if you are facing any specific issues?