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    Can't see the whole picture when moving it in a smaller frame with direct selection tool



      I recently got my laptop cleaned as a part of preparations for exams and such (I'm in high school). As I'm part of the art class, when the basic programs were re-installed we also got the Adobe programs, but we got the CC 2015 version instead of the CS5 version we had earlier. After a stressful week I finally had the time to sit down and work on my side projects, but I quickly found a big problem that halts my work. After re sizing the frame to the size I want, I can't see the whole picture when I'm moving it in the smaller box with the direct selection tool anymore. The pictures I use are usually quite big, the one I tried to work with now are 451mmx338mm after scaling it down and I have a "standard starting frame" at 60mmx15mm (I make patterns), so now I basically has to guess my way to a good composition...

      Is there anything I can do to make this work again?