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    HTML5 Canvas - Motion or Classic Tweens?


      First time ever using Flash--except now it's Animate CC!  Cool stuff.


      In my project, I'm targeting HTML5 Canvas output for some web ads I'm doing.


      Per most data around, Motion Tweens are superior to Classic Tweens (you also get the whole graph thing with anchor points, easing, etc.).  However, when I add a Motion Tween, I get this message in my output when I publish:


      "Motion tweens are published as frame by frame animations. Use classic tweens where possible."


      ...What does this mean exactly?  I get the concept of a frame-by-frame animation, but I can't see how that would occur in an HTML5 output.  I checked the JS, and it looks pretty normal in terms of the EaselJS code that gets created.


      I'd like to know why I'm getting this message and if I should worry about it!  Thanks.