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    Lightroom cannot Import my Photos


      Feb 12/2016

      A few years ago I was instructed, by one of your techs to uninstall LR and then reinstall from your cloud.  The idea was that LR would run better and with all the updates as well.  That seemed to be idea then.  It was a bad Idea as the import attempts got worse.  And it appears that many users are having problems that  should be resolved by now


      So, today I attempted that approach (uninstall and reinstall)..  Whoppie!  I was able to import 3 photos.  I now have only 40,6716 photos to import. How would you feel about sending a very skill out to a house call?  I am sick of this and I that believe you should cut our monthly bill to a valid amount of money.  Most of us have lost too much time attempting to resolve what Adobe should have resolved some time ago.