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    InDesign 2015CC crashing on start up.

    R_Pfaff Level 1

      Three days ago I started testing InDesign CC2015. Until yesterday everything was fine, but since last evening I cannot start In Design anymore.

      Everytime I try starting ID, I get a windows message, that ID cannot be started.

      I found a lot of posts on this problem on the net, but none of the solutions seems to work.


      I already removed ID and Creatic Cloud from my Computer and reinstalled it. 


      Does anybody have an Idea?

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          R_Pfaff Level 1

          Update. Indesign is working on different user account / profile with same rights (Administrator).


          Here's the win 7 error log:


          Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: InDesign.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x564f64a8

          Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: PlugPlugOwl.dll, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x5638040a

          Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000005

          Fehleroffset: 0x000000000015120f

          ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x29e0

          Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01d165fafc2ffb88

          Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2015\InDesign.exe

          Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2015\PlugPlugOwl.dll

          Berichtskennung: 3edc42ee-d1ee-11e5-be24-e4115bf6640c

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            That usually means there is corruption or conflicts in your old user.

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              R_Pfaff Level 1

              thx Steve.


              I'm not realy sure, but i think the error occured after a Microsoft Windows update. Is this possible? Did anybody make the same experience.? And is there a way to fix that?

              Working on the other account is not really usefull.

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                R_Pfaff Level 1

                Hello Peter,


                thx for your help. I replaced the Folders "de_DE" in the local Folder and "Caches" in the roaming Folder as it says in your link. The result was that indesign crashed even earlier.

                Taking a closer look I discovered, that the module causing the error in your case was different from mine.

                In your example the faulty module path was: " C:\\windows\system\MSVCR120.dll

                In my case the faulty module was: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2015\PlugPlugOwl.dll

                In my case In Design is crashing short time before finishing start up. In the German Version it says "Laden der Bedienfelder" which should mean something like Loading  control Panels.


                Any Ideas?

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                  R_Pfaff Level 1

                  One thing I forgot telling you. All my CS6 applications are still running fine. It's just the f..... InDesign 2015 CC, that doesn`t work. Seeing how many people seem to have problems with the CC Products strengthens my considerations not to join the Adobe CC product line and instead to look for something else. On Monday I'll try to get in touch with Adobe. If they're interested in selling their stuff, they' re supposed to fix that problem.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    In the account whree ID is crashing delete or rename the ENTIRE Adobe folder from both AppData\Roaming and AppData\Local, then copy the two folders from the working account.

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                      R_Pfaff Level 1

                      Hi Peter,


                      same thing as before, except, that Creative Cloud couldn't sync data anymore and I had to deactivate data synchronization.

                      I think it has something to do with the Windows update. I guess something in the profile settings was changed and InDesign can't cope with that change. I already thought about restoring my account, but therefor I'd have to copy my old profile into a new account except all the ntuserdat files and that won't work since I don't have not enough disk space for that.

                      If there's no other way at all I will copy the data to another computer. But 1st I'm not keen on copying 350 GB over network at all, since it will take hours. And 2nd I find it strange to adapt a whole Computer with all its running and working fine software to one single program, that doesn't work.


                      thx again for your help and sorry that I don't have any better news.



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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        I'm running Windows 7 here and have had no problems at all, but I don't use Cloud data synching. I've had plenty of trouble with thge CC app itself not working, and resorted to the solutions at App doesn't open | Progress wheel spins continually (generally # 5) more than once.


                        You could back up your data, then run the cleaner tool (CS Cleaner Tool for installation problems | CCM, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3) to wipe out all traces of Creative Cloud, then reinstall and see if that straightens things out (but you may still have the same permissions problem as it seems to be an installer bug). I think you are the first user I know to report that replacing the folders with a working copy (and that means replacing the entire folder, not merging the contents of the other folder) did not work.

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                          R_Pfaff Level 1

                          Well maybe this is a new issue. As I said I looked around a lot and I couldn't find anybody with this problem within the last few weeks and the eventlog was different too.


                          One of the first things I tried was to remove Indesgin and to reinstall the software. I even removed the complete creative cloud, which only works with an special removing tool which  I found on the Adobe support site. Then I ran CC Cleaner and removed all cc 2015 files  but left all CS6 files.

                          After I had done that I reinstalled InDesign but the problem was still the same.

                          When it comes to exchanging the files you named. There were some guys in some communities  who tried that but didn't succeed, but unfortunately they didn't tell what they did instead.


                          Furthermore I think if it was  a problem caused by the installation, the program shouldn't run the other user accounts either, shouldn't it?


                          Although thx for your help again that's really very kind.

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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            The reason it works in a different user account is that the permissions for the prefs files are not properly set on the account used for the installation (and that's why replacing the entire folder should work, or even just deleting the folders, though I've seen less success there). Once the program is installed, and a new user launches, the program itself set permissions on the new user folders correctly.

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                              R_Pfaff Level 1

                              Hi Peter,


                              if this had been the problem in my case, InDesign would have worked again already after removing and reinstalling everything and after deleting the pref files.

                              When you have the app or roaming folder opened while starting up the program you can see how the folder is generated.


                              Today I talked to the adobe support and they say it's a windows problem that regularly pops up after windows updates. There was even a windows hotfix for that, but the hotfix was quite old already an didn't work. The support guy was very friendly and ambitious and tried for almost a hour to fix the problem but it didn't work.


                              So thanks again for your help. As it seems I'll have to use another account, until I switch my Computer to windows 10.