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    Views within Publish Services


      When I am working with Publish Services (like Zenfolio or Google Photos) it is useful to see "Modified Photos to Re-publish" "Published Photos" "Photos to be deleted" etc. But sometimes all I see is "Published Photos" and a "publish" button when I know that I have just modified some images. When I go to the top of the left pane and click to see "all photos" in my library and then go back and click on that gallery then I see the "Modified Photos to be re-published" section and any other sections.


      I don't understand the difference in these views and would love to have an explanation?



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          bhousto90 Level 4

          New Photos To be Published: New photos have been added to publish collection for publishing to the web host etc.


          Published: These photos have been published and are up to date for the publish service settings/preferences


          Modified Photos to Re-publish: In the Publish settings you can set what changes made to a photo will trigger republish.

          (I.E. You could have photos that were re-cropped or other have develop changes made that trigger "republish", yet if you only edited photo keywords or changed star ratings/colours then these changes may not trigger "republish".)


          To be Deleted: On the next "publish" action these photos will be removed from the web host/service.

          No deletions take place on the web service until you click on the Publish button. Depending or your settings a prompt may ask if you want to remove the photo only from the LR Publish collection and/or from the web service as well.

          If removed from LR only then the link between LR and the web service would be severed but the photo would remain on the web service.



          Go through each of your specific Publish service settings to see what options are available for Deletions and Repubish triggers as they will vary from one Publish service to the next.