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    The crop tool not usable in tablet.


      I have recently upgrade to Acrobat Pro XI.

      I use it in a tablet.


      I involved the "Crop" tool in touch mode.

      After selecting an area, there is a hint to "double-click".

      When I double-touch in the selected area, the page resized, but the "Set Page Boxes" is not shown.

      Chop does not happen.


      I have to attached my keyboard to the tablet, then double-click.

      The "Set Page Boxes" pop-up for me to select the cropping details.

      However, the "Set Page Boxes" is too large for the screen to display.

      There is no scroll bar, so I cannot scroll to the buttons at the bottom.

      I touch does not work either.


      I have already set the size of the icons to small.

      But the setting affect the main window only, not the "Set Page Boxes" pop-up.


      1. How do I crop through touch-screen?

      2. How do I reduce the size of the "Set Page Boxes" pop-up or get a scroll bar?


      Thank you very much.