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    How can I roll back to Lightroom CC 2014?


      I'm running OSX 10.8.5 on a MacBook Pro. Lightroom CC 2014 has been running flawlessly forever.

      A few months ago I tried to upgrade Lightroom to the new version but the CC app told me that at least 10.9 was required so I just stuck with my working version of LR (2014). Today I was prompted by the CC app to upgrade to Lightroom CC 2015. With no warning about compatibility issues, I went ahead and took the upgrade, assuming they'd now made it work for 10.8.5.

      Nope. Now every attempt to open LR results in a crash. A quick web search to find system requirements for LR CC 2015 still shows a minimum of OSX 10.9 to run it… Why the heck would the updater even allow me to install the new version???? Meanwhile, of course, the installer deleted my working copy of LR 2014. [I really wish the deletion of prior versions was an "opt in" process instead of an "opt out" that is hidden behind an options menu…which I only discovered after the fact. Hello Adobe…this is a HORRIBLE feature.]


      I found only one page with instructions for the crash-upon-launch problem, with instructions to rename the "SLCache" and "SLStore" folders in the Library. This did not solve the problem even with a reboot and another removal/reinstall of LR 2015.


      I can find NO instructions anywhere for how to reinstall LR 2014. I found generic instructions for using the CC app to reinstall older versions (Find Additional Apps/View Previous Versions) but Lightroom does not appear in that list. I've attached a screen shot of the "View Previous Versions" list of available apps; LR does not appear there.


      So now I'm stuck without a working copy and no way to reinstall the prior working version.




      ps. No, upgrading my OS version is not an option. I like Mountain Lion just fine. I just want LR to work the way it was working before this ridiculous update happened.



      Thanks in advance.



      Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 10.25.24 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.15.00 PM.png

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          LeifDixon Level 1

          Just a follow-up for anyone interested...


          I got in touch with an Adobe tech via chat. The tech sent me a link to the system requirements for the current LR release…to which I replied, "yes, and?"


          The tech curtly replied that my computer didn't meet the minimum requirements. That was the only solution offered.


          I then pointed out that the same page that she'd sent me did, in fact, say that LR 2015.1 was patched to work on Mountain Lion and fully supported. Only then did the tech do a little further digging and find a support article with instructions on how to get me working.


          I find it disgusting that the tech's initial effort was to conclude that the fault was mine and just be done with it, instead of reading further down the same page she sent me to see that, in fact, it was supposed to work on my system. That is some lazy behavior on Adobe's part.

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            I am having the same issue.  Can you please post a link to the referenced article that got you up & running.


            Much Appreciated.  Thanks.