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    I can only see the pin for one adjustment brush.


      I have found this in Lightroom Help:


      Work with multiple local adjustments



      When applying and working with multiple local adjustments, keep in mind the following:



      • Click any pin to select it. A selected pin has a black center. Non-selected pins are solid white.
      • Press H once to show the selected pin; press H again to hide all pins; press H a third time to show all pins.
      • When the Adjustment Brush tool is selected, only adjustment pins are available to edit. When the Graduated Filter tool is selected, only graduated filter pins are available to edit.
      • The Adjustment Brush tool drawer allows you to specify options for two brushes, A and B. Select a brush by clicking the letter, or switch between brushes by pressing the slash key (/). Brush options “stick” regardless of the effect you choose to apply until you change them.


      My problem is this does not work as advertised. I'm experimenting on a photo and can make my A and B brushes. But I can only see the edit pin for A. The pin for B never shows up. Hitting H multiple times does nothing but toggle the visibility of pin A.