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    Issue with javascript objects and variables

      I have an application.html, which, in its head tag does something like this:

      window.user = new User();

      in my User constructor, I have this:
      this.firstName = "";

      The user object uses createRootWindow to open up a login box, uses ajax to authenticate, and if it is successful, fires an event back to the user object with some of the data returned from the server. In the function fired on that event, it does:

      this.firstName = result.FIRSTNAME;

      If I alert this.firstName in that function, the value has successfully been changed to the one returned from the server.

      If I then try to alert user.firstName from the original application.html, it is still blank. How does one get around this?

      On an unrelated note, I know TextEvent can be used to fire an event and add a string to it as event.text. Which event can be used to add an object to it that can be accessed by the event listener?


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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          For the first issue, you might be running into the fact that in JavaScript event listeners the "this" object is evaluated in the context of the dispatching object, not the object in which the handler is defined. One way around this is to collect the value of this in another variable and use that variable in the event listener instead:

          var that = this;
          function handler( event )
          that.foo = "bar";

          For events, there are a few event objects that contain arrays that you could repurpose by stuffing your object into an array. In the long run, it would probably be better to create your own event object in ActionScript, compile it into a SWF and load that in your HTML app. That way the next programmer to come along is more likely to understand what is going on.
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            maxgsilverscape Level 1
            That this/that thing worked like a charm. Thanks so much for the help.