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    Facial Recognition Corruption


      So, I once successfully used the Facial Recognition feature of LightRoom to correctly tag these three faces. This is an example of an issue I have with many but not all of the images in a catalog. I have blurred their faces and the names, but you get the point. It is as if the "boxes" for each face has moved up and to the right by a relative number of pixels for some reason. This has happened with many of the images in this catalog, although a good number are fine. I have tried discarding then building 1:1 and smart previews of the problem issues. Any idea what's happening here or what I can do about it? I am not sure when this started happening nor whether this happened all at once recently or has been going on un-noticed in the background for weeks, but the good news is that I have daily backups for months, but without knowing what's going on here I don't really have a strategy. Any ideas? Thanks in advance,