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    Massive performance drop - is this a joke?

    pawelmazi Level 1



      Despite few minor flaws and unconcistencies among creative cloud apps (like different shortcuts for same actions) I've been happy with apps that Adobe has to offer. The moment CC 2015 hit in like june, there were lots of improvement's, and you could notice that some apps, like photoshop became a bit slower. But a while ago I've changed langauge settings and ommited few updates, but when reinstalled pakcage (using indesign, photoshop and illustrator), i was shocked with performance drop. I've tested it on multiple devices. Photoshop and Illustrator just happened to pop freeze delays when working with smart objects, especially when importing between apps.


      I don't get how such widely used app can be updated with such a huge problem. Do you plan on fixing the performance? The majority of funcionality didn't change in newest updates, yet performance did.