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    Super 8 Film Effect

    BenSCR Level 1

      How can I get a Super 8 film effect. I've tried adding the Dust & Scratches plugin but nothing from the plugin appears on the clip I'm editing.


      Also is there a free Super 8 effect plugin I can download from somewhere?

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          adamneer Level 2

          ddust and scratches effect actually removes dust and scratches, like a noise reduction filter. Best bet is to find some stock emulation clips as loopable alpha overlays and comp them over your footage. Of course to really emulate super-8 properly, you should also knock down the resolution of your footage so it doesn't look so crisply modern.

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            adamneer Level 2

            BTW, Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks has several stock emulation settings, but it's not free and doesn't always look super authentic (more like Instagram).

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              cknopik7 Level 1

              Here's what I did in my video here: Super 8 - Trouvaille - YouTube


              - Crop to 4x3

              - Raise levels of mids and highs

              - Saturation and magenta in shadows

              - Reduce sharpness, NOT resolution

              - Add 8mm or 16mm grain


              It also helps to shoot with a deep depth of field and to have your 4x3 framing in mind while filming.


              Hope this helps!

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Magic Bullet Looks has also been updated with a new Renoiser tool that does a much better job of adding grain and a lot of other useful upgrades - plus it renders on the GPU!

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If you are new to AE I'd suggest that you get a good foundation in how blend modes and effects work. You did not read up on Dust and Scratches because, as was said, that is a tool for removing problems, not adding them. If you have problems with an effect or don't know what it does the first thing you should do is type the name of the effect in the search help field at the top right corner of AE and check out the help files and community resources. "Dust and Scratches gives you this: Dust & Scratches effect


                  The easiest way to dirty up video to make it look like old film is to simply overlay some stock noise, scratch and grain footage.


                  Ae has some bad tv presets, noise and grain is really slow to render and must be previewed at 100% magnification factor and full resolution to see what you are getting. We need to know a lot more about your production to point you to the most efficient solution.

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                    jamessharman91 Level 1

                    Hi mate, just wondering if you could be a little more specific? I'm trying to figure out what effects you mean but I'm having trouble understanding exactly what it is you mean.. Any help would be much appreciated – thanks! Awesome video by the way!

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                      cknopik7 Level 1

                      Hello James. Thanks a lot! In basic terms, levels essentially refers to the "brightness" of the shadows, midtones, and highlights. One of the easiest ways to adjust this is through the Color Wheels panel in Lumetri.Levels.PNG

                      The slider to the left of each color wheel allows you to adjust the levels.


                      One way to add saturation to specific areas of the image is with the three-way color corrector. You can adjust the saturation of shadows, mids, and highs as well as the tint.


                      Sharpness can be reduced in the Creative tab of Lumetri.


                      As Szalam mentioned, Magic Bullet Renoiser is a great source for grain. Otherwise there are various grain overlays available online.


                      Hope this helps!