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    After filtering by keyword clicking on my original collection does not redisplay the collection


      I am using Lightroom CC 2015.4 on Windows 7



      • I am working on a collect C which is displayed in Grid mode
      • I display my keyword list, select one and click on the right hand arrow that is to display all the photos with that keyword, which it does correctly.
      • These photos come from various folders and collection and we are filtering by Metadata with the keyword.
      • Now I want to go back to C and display that again in Grid mode so I click on C in the collections Panel.
      • Nothing happens.  The display still shows photos from various folders/collections.
      • I clear the filter criteria (set to none) and the grid view show photos from the folder containing the high lighted photo, not the collection I had highlighted.
      • Again I click on C with no result.
      • I click on another collection and it appears.
      • Now I can click on C and the photos in C are displayed.


      I think that clicking on C should refresh the display with the photos in that collection.


      Am I missing something here?