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    Does anyone know how to get a hold of a copy of Fireworks?


      Does anyone know how to get a hold of a copy of Fireworks, while I was reluctant to by the Creative Suite just for Fireworks I had conclude that this was going to be the only way forward but I now can't see it listed on there either. My problem is that we are using a Digital Signage System that requires images to be in a .PNG format, if I can't get my hands on a copy of Fireworks can any suggest another package that will allow me to save images as .PNG files??


      I only have 4 days before my trail period of Fireworks expires so need a solution pretty quickly, also I have tried clicking on the Buy Now button but it takes me to a webpage with the message 'Sorry, this page is not available'


      Also I have to ask why would any company allow you to download a trail version of a program then take away the ability to purchase it????


      Desperate for any suggestions


      Thanks in advance