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    After Effects Windows 10 Bluescreen "Driver Power State Failure"


      Hey guys,

      I have problems with my new laptop.

      All Adobe applications run without problems! But once I start After Effects freezes my system (Windows 10) and crashes after a few minutes. The message on the blue screen is "Driver Power State Failure".


      I use After Effects CC2015 with Windows 10 Education with the following configurations:


      Nvidia GTX 960M ( latest driver)

      16GB RAM (checked with Memtest86--> No Errors)

      All drivers are up to date...



      Maybe someone knows the problem and has a solution?

      I tried until now: reinstall all the drivers, reinstall Windows and of course a new installation of After Effects. Unfortunately no results ...


      Maybe I can post the crash report (minidump)?


      Thank you very much.