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    path names?



      When I brought my photos over from my laptop they were under my user name of Barbara, but in my new pc my user name was set up with Bbestone. Would lightroom not see my photos because of that change of user name?


      Here's my laptop hierarchy:

      C/ users/Barbara/desktop/Pictures


      On my new pc :



      Lightroom is not seeing my pictures as it is dimmed with question marks. And is capitalization of path names need to be the same?


      If the pathname needs to be the same, how do I change it in my new pc?

      thank you

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6

          You merely need to tell Lightroom where the images are now. In Lightroom, right-click on the top-level folder (probably pictures) and choose find missing folder. Navigate to the new pictures folder. That should fix you up.


          Windows isn't case-sensitive.