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    Javascript to Enable Viewing PDF with multiple layers on iPad


      I have a form that has one layer called LayerALL that is set to be visible as soon as the user opens the form.  This layer has a drop down box which asks the user to choose their favorite color Red or Green.  Based on selection of the user, LayerRed immediately is visible OR LayerGreen is immediately visible.  The user then answers some questions and saves the form. 


      I then want to be able to open the form on my iPad using Reader and see the answers that each user has input.  My problem is that the forms are showing up on my iPad with all user input but only LayerALL showing (it seems to be resetting it to the initial visibility of the form).


      The form has a Save As button- is there a javascript or action that can be programmed in that Save As button that will either 'delete all non visible layers' or at least save the visibility of the layer from its default to either RedLayer or GreenLayer (depending on user input)?


      Thanks in advance for your help!  In Photoshop, the 'Flatten' feature is what ultimately I'm looking for here (the whole form is flattened showing only the layers currently visible while all other layers are deleted...i.e. I don't need the layers to be further available after the user has input his data)


      Other info:

      Form is created in Adobe Acrobat DC