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    Putting gradient mask movieclip inside a scrollpane makes mask and maskee vanish

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      Hello all, I hope someone can help with this!:

      I have got an SWF which preloads a dynamic JPG, waits until the JPG has
      completely loaded, then reveals the JPG using a gradient mask:

      this.image_holder.cacheAsBitmap = true;
      this.mask_clip.cacheAsBitmap = true;

      This works, until I use the SWF as the content in a scrollpane, or load it
      into a UI Scrollbar-controlled HTML textfield as the source for an <IMG>

      If I do this, the gradient mask does not show at all. The masked clip
      flickers or vanishes altogether until i click somewhere inside the
      scrollpane, scroll the content, or the dynamic mask is removed.

      Has anyone experienced this? I'm still using version 6 components, but I
      get the same problems if I use version 8 components.

      If anyone can help please let me know!


      Gareth Jones