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    Beware Creative Cloud updates; deletes data without permission

    robgendreau Level 3

      A serious bug in a recent update to the Creative Cloud desktop app deletes a folder at the root of Macs by deleting the first one it finds, alphabetically. This could be some important non-Adobe data, like your revisions folder, which tracks editions of all edited documents (not just in Adobe applications). There are some workarounds, and Adobe has pulled the update, but it was present on my Mac, although I think my permissions prevented damage. Backblaze users have been hard hit.


      Here's some info and a workaround:

      http://arstechnica.com/apple/2016/02/warning-bug-in-adobe-creative-cloud-deletes-mac-user- data-without-warning/

      Adobe rather vague mea culpa, of sorts: