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    CC Deleted the contents of a file on my iMac hard drive


      I updated CC on Thursday, 2/11 at 2:37 pm.  At approx. 4 pm I went into Lightroom and it advised that it could not find the files containing all of my photos (330+GB).  I checked the hard drive, and the folder containing these files was empty.  I went back to Time Machine and copied the files back in - which took over two hours.  I checked my hard drive before retiring for the night, and the folder was intact.  However, when I checked again the following day, the folder was once again empty.  I was advised by others on Facebook that there are people experiencing a similar problem with the latest version of CC.  The contents of the first file on the hard drive gets deleted.  Today I restored my hard drive from Time Machine back to 2/9 - before the issue arose.  But this is something you - and all CC users - should be aware of.  This is a SERIOUS issue!  Fortunately for me I had a backup (multiple back-ups, in fact).  But I am now "gun-shy" about using CC.  Any comments?