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    Motion capture suit without live markers possible?


      http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3270845/see-andy-serkis-acting-as-caesar-in-dawn-of-the- planet-of-the-apes/


      I understand motion capture suits come in all flavors. I note there are some full green suits and some grey suits with black dots as shown in the above (see the first 2 pictures on the webpage with actor Andy Serkis).


      I note also that some suits can have live tracking markers and LED etc and come can have no live markers as in the same website above.


      I read that the footage of the actor in the 'un-live' motion suit such as the above, that the footage can be 3D tracked in PFTrack for example, and then that person's body can be replaced with another 3D body - e.g. Iron Man.


      Can someone please explain how the workflow is to achieve the above? See the last post in the below thread which talks about this workflow but I don't seem to understand how it can work. Something is telling me that to work, the actor's suit will need to have some sort of live connection to computers running the motion capture software, but something tells me that this workflow can actually work. Because if you look at the field 2 photos in the above link with Andy Serkis, you will not that there the suit is not the type used for live mocap connections. Therefore I think there is some way to 3D track the footage and have some sort of workflow, to perhaps map a built 3D suit of Iron Man onto the actor's body.




      Anyone here knowledgeable about the workflow above? i.e. without using live tracking markers but tracking the footage after the shot and replacing the body.


      How can I use After Effects and any other plugin/program to achieve this task?

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          No magic, just classical rotomation - you hand-keyframe the 3D figure on top of your shot footage. Though techniques exist to extract 3D info after the fact even without markers, they just require additional reference photos or film cameras. Either way, this is 5 levels above AE and without any decent experience in 3D and the surrounding workflows not an easy task even if you had access to sophisticated tools like 3D equalizer. Automatic stuff can only take you so far and you still need to understand what's going on to fix botched tracks or guide the algorithms...