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    How to make chromatic aberration effect react in correspondence with Sound Keys?

    YoungSinatra Level 1

      Hello, today I have an issue regarding a plugin of adobe after effects. I'm a somewhat "experienced" editor, although for some reason I can't find a work-around to solve this problem. I'm trying to implement the "Chromatic Aberration" function from the plugin "Magic Bullet Looks", and to make it react to audio by using sound keys. To get more of an understanding to what my issue is, please look at my previous work: https://www.instagram.com/TrapPlanet which should help you understand what i'm trying to accomplish, and to paint a more vivid picture of what I want to happen. So here's my issue- After typing in my settings for the chromatic aberration function, i went and ALT Clicked on the "looks" tab to open up the expression. Since I have Sound keys in the same composition, I typed the code below:


      thisComp.layer("Sound Keys").effect("Sound Keys")("Output 3")


      Little to my knowledge, this gave me an error instead of actually making it occur in correspondence to my sound-keys layer. Here's a screenshot of the error I recieved:




      All that i'm trying to do is make a "twitch" effect to occur (chromatic aberration), when the music's bass hits. This expression usually works with other layers, (as shown with the link to my music page above) so i'm not sure why it's not working with this one. Please help below, thanks!