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    Script to remove background from PDF exported from PPT


      Hi! I am colleges student and I need to print my powerpoint handouts to study in class everyday. The lectureres will give me handouts in PDF file exported from Powerpoint (I don't have the powerpoint files) the day before class, but they often used black-based slide and white text. So for the sake of my printer's ink, I would exhaustly wasting my time editing all of my handout files 1-2 hours per day by using Adobe acrobat X to remove background and change the fonts color to black one-by-one for all pages in these slides. By using


      " Go to Tools > Content > Edit Text & Object > Edit Object.

      Select the background image you wish to delete, right click on it to delete it.

      You may need to repeat this a few times per slide because the background may contain more than one object/image."


      so my printer won't be exhausted printing all-black page for around 30-50 sheets of paper per days. The methods

      "Edit > Preferences > Accessibility > Document Colors Options > Replace Document Colors"


      "Select Layers panel and turn off 'background' layer"

      didn't work for me either.

      The use of redaction tool is poor because mostly my handouts would contain images or text that is important in my lecture and remove portion of black background in the edges won't help me too much.

      I have try to export the file back to powerpoint so i can use "design>change theme" or edit "master slide" to change it in my way but it was done poorly because all my text goes in chaos, the arrangement of text is messed up and some of turn unreadable.


      So my question is: Is there a way to edit my handouts - by delete my black-background PDF which is mostly, will be the same for all page in one handouts (and optional, change my font to black so it is readable after the background turn complete white) in short amount of times or preferable:in one click? I have found that there is the script for PDF that can done various things but as i try, it is too complex for me to comprehended it. Is there someone who can write script can tell me whether it is possible to do or some other method that can help? I and my colleagues would be very appreciated.


      your sincere,